SAtelier is a custom software development firm established in 1993, with our main office located in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Our primary products are turn-key contractual solutions and bespoke software developed, in both dotNet and Win32/64 plataforms, for MS Windows — Desktop, Phone and Compact editions.

Occasionally, during product design and study, a researched area is converted into a freeware, some of the most popular are: SpidEye, SA SetDate and oGif, which are described below.


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SpidEye icon
SpidEye 1.0.0

The HTML Browser for Web Masters

SpidEye is a 5 stars CNET Editor's Rating, tiny, portable HTML browser that assist web master on the design of their web pages for Web Crawlers.

Click here for more information and download.

SA setDate icon SA SetDate 1.0.0
SAtelier's set file date and time

SA_setDate is a free utility that allows changing creation, modification and access date and time of one or several files. It also can synchronize the file's time with an application's version. Installer and uninstaller included. We use sa_setDate to release our on software, we hope it is helpful for you too.

download | download | Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2K, 9x | 256 KB

oGif icon oGif 2.0.0
Free image viewer and bitmap encryptor

oGif is our most popular freeware. It is a tiny, portable image viewer. Current version was released in February 2007 and was first published June/2002.

Information in español or português.

You can download it from:

Get it from CNET!
Get it from Softpedia
download msi Windows Installer Package (msi, 583 KB)
download zip Zipped File (zip, 396 KB)

Installation is very simple, and no modification of Windows® Registry is done unless a file extension association is required by the user. An uninstaller is included within the msi file. If you selected the zipped version, just drop the files in a convenient folder.

Portable No installation necessary.
Can run on USB -Flashdrive / Stick / Pen.
Make no entries to the registry (unless a file extension association is required by the user)
Leave no data on the guest computer.
Tiny Executable file is 403 KB (that's smaller than a typical camera photo).
No DLLs.
Encrypts bitmaps Bitmap images can be encrypted, scrambling pixels with a password. But be aware, there is no way to recover a lost password.
Caches Up to 20 images can be hold in RAM, caching visualization so you can quickly compare huge images.
Converts Saves smaller copies, with different resolutions and sizes for easy e-mail manipulation.
File formats It supports all major graphic formats including:
  • Bitmap BMP
  • Scrambled Bitmap
  • JPEG, with access to EXIF info
  • Animated GIF
  • Portable Network Graphics, PNG
  • Metafile, WMF
Organize While you traverse images on a folder, you can send copies to an other predefined folder.
Controls Control animated gif images presentation speed or see it frame by frame.
Multilanguage Available in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Serbian (Srpski, latinica)... send yours!


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Please send your language file, feature request or bug report by e-mail. We will do our best to answer you inquire.

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