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SpidEye is designed to be like a spider's eye, showing what a Web Crawler would see while navigating the web, rendering HTML pages with it's proprietary engine.

From each page visited it collects and summaries relevant information that are meant to assist Web master on the design of their web pages for bots.

SpidEye is a freeware from SAtelier released on December 2007 currently in version 1.0.0

SAtelier is happy to announce that SpidEye has been evaluated by the highly respected staff of CNET and achieved 5 Stars Editor's Rating 5Stars

No trial • No upgrade • No Ad • No banner • No spam − just free.

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You can download it from:
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"We are impressed with the quality of your product"
5 Stars Editor's Rating

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download msi Installer Package (msi, 1.2 MB)
download zip Zipped File (zip, 1 MB)

Installation is very simple, and no modification of Windows® Registry is done, nor any file created.

An uninstaller is included within the msi file. If you selected the zipped version, just drop the files in a convenient folder.

• Features
Validation Connects to Markup Validation service provided by W3C, for both local and remote files. It synchronize validation messages (warnings and errors) with Code and displayed HTML for easy identification.
Code Shows site's source code in advanced multi PHP, (X)HTML, WML, CSS, JS syntax highlighter (SynWeb).
  • User AgentSpideye/[version];[OperatingSystem]
  • Full HTML Navigation
  • Displays <NoFrames> section of a compound document (FrameSet)
  • List of Favorites
  • Configurable Homepage
  • Customizable Proxy/Port
HTML Tags Organizes relevant bots tags: Meta, Anchors (highlighting broken or unknown anchors) and Links.
Text Generates a unique word list with occurrence count (for spell check and word analyzes) and calculates Text to Code ratio (Text/Code).
FavIcon Displays image type besides all sizes and resolutions of the site's Favorite Icon.
Robots.txt Analyzes robots.txt in a syntax-highlighted viewer.
File Info Give file information and calculates file hash (using SHA 256). If requested, can monitor text modifications per site, detecting possible unauthorized tampering (hacker).
Documentation For each item or property displayed, a detailed information web-page is available under the Help menu.
  • No installation necessary.
  • Can run on USB -Flashdrive / Stick / Pen.
  • Make no entries to the Windows® registry.
  • Leave no data on the guest computer.
  • Sends no information, unless a page verification is required.
  • Executable file is 1 MB (uses no DLLs nor external dependencies)
Requirements Runs on Windows Vista (as Unknown Publisher), XP and Win2k.
As it renders HTML pages with a proprietary engine, no browser is needed nor used.

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Please send your feature request or bug report by e-mail. We will do our best to answer you inquire.

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